Experiment Upon the Word, Part 3

While the goal of science is to uncover truth (at least in theory) and the goal of a faith experiment is to understand truth, the means and methods to those goals are very different. Further, the goals are also very different, although both science and faith seek truth. Gospel Truths are Eternal. Science truths may or may not be True. Actually, most scientists do not state that they are discovering truths, they state they are seeking facts, as I wrote previously. But facts are manufactured, they are created by humans. That does not mean they are untrue, they just do not happen to be the same as truth. In a faith experiment the goal is Truth but again, Truth is not on trial, the experimenter is. In a science experiment the goal may be truth but that truth is on trial; however, the experimenter is not.

I think that is why Alma’s seed analogy for the faith experiment is perfect. Experimenting with faith is not like science, it is like gardening (to which scientific principles can be applied, if wanted). For the tree of faith to grow, it is best to prepare the soil first, to make it ready for sustaining the faith seed. Soil often needs preparation – tilling, softening, fertilizing, and so forth in order to best sustain life. Once the seed is planted, it needs water, additional fertilizer, weeding, and other nutrients and protections. Now, many seeds can grow just fine in hostile environments and even in spite of the lack of care and nourishment but most of the time the plants that grow best with the least care are simply weeds – plants that are unwanted where they are and/or plants that serve little practical use. Some weeds are even noxious on top of just being annoying. On the other hand, most good seeds require much nourishment. The best outcomes occur when the most care is given.

The seed of faith, if given the proper care, eventually grows into the tree of life, which produces fruit that is more desirable than all other fruit and fruit that is bright and pure beyond all other fruit.

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