The Savior Lives!


At this Easter season, I hope we all take time to think of the Savior Jesus Christ and of His great sacrifice and love for us. Most importantly, think of His resurrection. He lives today; He loves us; He is watching over us. As preparation for Easter, here are the testimonies of some of His living Apostles.

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2 thoughts on “The Savior Lives!

  1. This is a great post! I grew up in a Lutheran church and was very acitve in it even through the first years of collage. Midway through collage I moved and found myself attending a Baptist church with a friend. At first, I was a little overwhelmed by the differences, but eventually I found myself learning, growing and expanding my faith to a new level one I now beleive I would not have attained had I not looked at faith from a different perspective. I find that I believe more in faith in God rather than religion. Each Christian religion whether it’s Lutheran, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, etc. has the same basic principle the belief in God and Jesus, the belief in God’s grace, the encouragement to follow God’s Word and to be of service for others. This is the meat and potatoes of Christianity. But each is surrounded with the fluff of its specific religion and dogma. I think and beleive that the fluff is not what really matters is it really important that I say so many Hail Marys, or that I have to go through confirmation, or that I can only wear certain clothes to church, or that I have to do so many of the things that religion requires of you? Getting back to the basics, the meat and potatoes if you will the belief and faith in the Triune God, the belief in that only by God’s grace we are saved from Hell, the pursuit of making yourself a better person and Christian by studying God’s Word, giving of yourself to serve others, and trusting God to be your primary caregiver in all matters these are the things that are the most important and should be where we put our time and energy. This, I believe, is where happiness and peace within come from not a specific religion. I am by no means trying to demean or be a critic of any religion. Quite honestly, I am happy that people are indeed involved. I just hate that people are so wrapped up in the fluff of religion that they are not only missing the bigger picture, but are actually causing others to have the bad experiences (like some of the stories above) that turn them from God..-= Courtney s last blog .. =-.

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