What Joseph Millett Learned About Joseph Millett

The LDS Church created a video telling of an experience a man named Joseph Millett had in serving another in need. What struck me was not so much the service rendered as the lesson Bro. Millett learned.

A man was without flour for bread to feed his family. After trying to visit a few people to ask for flour without success, a Bro. Jones entreated the Lord in prayer. He received a simple answer – go see Joseph Millett. When he showed up at Bro. Millett’s house, Bro. Millett and his family were ready with the flour. What Joseph Millett learned was that the Lord knew he was the person who could and would help another in need. The Lord not only knew Joseph Millett, He knew Joseph Millett would help.

While watching the movie I asked myself if the Lord trusts me enough to have me answer the prayers and need of others.

For more of Joseph MIllett’s story and to read another inspiring story, read Ardis Parshall’s post about a man named George Henry Mecham.

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2 thoughts on “What Joseph Millett Learned About Joseph Millett

  1. I love this, thank you. I would ask, “Who is Joseph Millet” and what does his story mean for you and me? I posted about a man named Jabaz. Who was he and what does his story mean for you and me. Of course, that the Lord is mindful of us and he does indeed know us by name. Jabaz’s name was lodged in between a very long and tedious geneaology. It’s almost like he said, “Hold on, I got to pray and let God know that I am here”. He requested a blessing and the scripture says that God answered his prayer, and of course the genealogy rolled on. It seems that Joseph Millet said that same prayer. I wonder, did a friendship develop between those two men?

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