Reclaiming Refuse


Elder Shayne Bowen of the Seventy shares a great message about the Atonement of Christ in a recent Mormon Messages for Youth video. It is possible to reclaim refuse and make that which was unclean clean.

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One thought on “Reclaiming Refuse

  1. What a sweet message. Thank you.
    In Philemon 1, the Apostle Paul writes a letter, an appeal concerning a man named Onesimus, whose name means profitable. Onesimus is a run away slave, who has sought and found refuge with Paul, who is in prison. While there Onesimus has been converted to the gospel, possibly baptized, received the Holy Spirit. Now begins the delicate task of making restitution, he has to go back to his owner, Philemon. Paul writes a loving report, and asks that Philemon receive him back, not as a slave, but as a brother in Christ and also encouraging Onesimus to be obedient and return with a broken heart and contrite spirit, asking forgiveness of his master, in that his Master will accept him as a brother and free him. Reclaimed.

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