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BYUtv, in conjunction with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has a new documentary series about 8 missionaries serving in the San Diego, CA mission. It provides a touching, if sometimes superficial, look at the lives of these missionaries. Missions are not easy. They are happy years but also years full of discouragement and difficulty. A mission is a time to try to help others come unto Christ but it is also a time when the missionary experiences a lot of growth. Missions are maturing more than just about any other experience a young woman or young man could be doing at that time. That maturity comes through a solemn, covenant responsibility, one that is weighty but lifting at the same time. I remember clearly how I felt when I was released as a full-time missionary more than 10 years ago. As my Stake President released me through the laying on of hands, I felt a weight lift off me. It was a bittersweet moment – a time of relief over the loss of that burden but also a twinge of regret over the loss of that blessing. I almost felt like sighing with relief and crying with remorse. Missions are beautiful experiences – times to focus on little but helping others follow the Savior. They are also times to really start to learn what being a disciple of Christ entails.

As for the show The District, there’s only one episode out so far so I am looking forward to the next one. Watch the first episode below.

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  1. I like that show. It brings back not so distant memories of when I was investigating this Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have to laugh and cringe, because I recognize some of my “negative” behavior in some of the investigators on the show. I can understand how “Olivia” in he 2nd episode felt. The Missionary’s knocked on my door for almost a year before I would even open the door. I was afraid of what they might want to tell me. So I opened the door but would not let them in. So 3 more pairs of Sisters knocked until one stuck her foot in my door so I couldn’t close it.
    So the tipping point for me was “the living prophet thing” and of course Joseph Smith. I went to see the movie; Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration”, I watched a conference talk by then prophet President Hinckley. There was a Spirit of truth there and I believed everything and I said, I want to be baptized, but on the date I will set. I wanted to be sure and I wanted to have a say. So when I was baptized, I was afraid of a lot, I knew my life was going to change in a big way and I didn’t know if I was up to it. But when I came out of the water, I felt like Jesus may have felt, I felt refreshed and clean and new. So I am so thankful for those Missionary’s who perservered to win a soul, me.

  2. Jared

    Thanks for commenting and for sharing your experiences. At the risk of offending, many times loving persistence pays off.

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