Thankful Prayers

Last Sunday I had the prompting that all personal and family prayers (other than blessings on food) for everyone in the home should be nothing but expressions of gratitude. For one week we would not ask for anything in prayers and instead just focus on the blessings we receive. It’s been a wonderful experience. We’ve all been able to reflect more on things we are grateful for. It seems like the children have bickered less – not that they ever do much but occasionally they’ll bug one another – and that our home has been more peaceful.

I urge you to try the same – take a week and only express gratitude in your prayers. The Lord will show unto you the many tender mercies which He bestows upon you continually.

Image by MTSOFan on Flickr. Used underĀ a CC license.

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4 thoughts on “Thankful Prayers

  1. Great idea. We’ve done the occasional prayer of gratitude and enjoyed the sweet peace it brings. I want to take up the challenge to do it for a whole week. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Jared, thought you’d like to know that when the week was over I didn’t want to stop with the gratitude prayers, it has been an awesome experience.

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