If Jesus Christ Visited


I have two questions for my readers:

  1. If Jesus came and visited Sacrament Meeting, what do you think He would say?
  2. If you could ask the Savior a few questions, what would you ask Him?

I’d really love to read your answers.

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3 thoughts on “If Jesus Christ Visited

  1. Your favorite hymn is a favorite one of mine too.
    I loved your thoughts on the Savior.
    I feel that we have probably heard in the pre-existance many messages from the Savior. If he was speaking in our Sacrament meeting I think he would tell us to love one another and that means have charity for all. Forgive and let go of anger in your heart. Serve with true charity in every thing you do. 3 Nephi is one of my favorite areas of the scriptures and I feel he would repeat many of these same thoughts to us.
    In your second question I think I would ask my Savior to heal my blind granddaughter and 3 of my grandchidlren that need their souls to heal.
    Check out my latest post – I have been thinking a lot of what one must do to actually see Christ face to face.
    It was delightful reading your post and I will visit again. Blessings to you! LeAnn

  2. Jared

    Thank you for your comments. I agree, I think Christ would tell us what’s in the scriptures. He would also call us all to repentance. Thanks again for visiting, I hope you come back regularly.

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